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Author of The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology and

Shakespeare and the Stars


Priscilla Costello is a counseling astrologer who lives part of the year in Toronto, Canada and part in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (lucky her!).  Many years ago, seeking a complex and sophisticated model for understanding human personality, she discovered astrology—a remarkable study revealing your character, life themes and purposes, and cycles and patterns in your life.  She particularly enjoys working with individuals, along with exploring all types of relationships (romantic, professional, familial, and friendly) and selecting the best times for starting new ventures.



Astrology, the exploration of relationships between human beings and both nature and the cosmos, is a rich and complex language of symbols that encompasses all aspects of human experience.  It continues to fascinate the public, who seek enlightening information about themselves and their destiny.

Studying astrological symbols or experiencing a reading with a gifted interpreter can be immensely useful and emotionally affirming.  Either can validate your intuitive sense of your life’s purposes and patterns.  Either may enable you to understand others more compassionately and to discover the dynamics of your relationships: partner to partner, parent to child, employee to boss.

Astrology’s essential idea is “connectedness” or “correspondence”.  In the ancient worldview from which astrology emerged, everything in the universe is linked in ”the great chain of being,” originating in the Divine and unfolding through the realms of the fixed stars and planets into the mundane world.  Human beings reflect this cosmic order, with every aspect of our physical and psychic selves resonating with the cosmos.

Modern scientists now tell us our bodies are literally made of stardust; the ancient worldview tells us our souls come from the stars.  Such a perspective, revealing our profound connection to the whole and enabling us to see recurrent and connected patterns in our lives, can restore psychic balance and integrity in a time of great turmoil and transformation both locally and globally.



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